About Us

Solution Tech Systems was founded in 1994 as a software and hardware consulting company. Our goal to produce quality solutions while providing clients with cost effective solutions for their computing needs.

As a solution provider our clients have included companies and government agencies. They have included areas such as manufacturing, wholesale, health care, education, publishing companies as well as all levels of Canadian government agencies and the Department of National Defense.

In addition to our consulting efforts we have also developed our own software products NetSched and Webmail. NetSched is a digital signage scheduling and tracking system, with optional kiosk and accounting features, which is currently in operation in several North American locations. Webmail is a web-based server designed to supplement traditional email-servers to provide remote access to clients.

In effect, we give businesses the capability of reacting to market pressures as quickly as their strategy requires it and we make sure they reach their goals. We can be your fully integrated solutions provider regardless of your company's size or project's scope. Solution Tech Systems provides fast and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs in today's economy.

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